Legal Research Assistant Job Description

What are the duties of a legal research assistant?

A legal research assistant job is similar to a paralegal, which is a person who works at an entry level in a lawyer’s office. Explore the career requirements for legal research assistants. Learn about education requirements and job duties.
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A legal research assistant is a person who needs to know a lot about the law, or at least some branches of the law, but does not do any actual legal work. Legal research assistant is not a lawyer but carries out research on which the paralegal will work, and then the lawyer.

As a legal research assistant, you will be asked to work on either one or several cases. As an example, let’s take one case. Each case will involve at least two parties. The lawyer you work for will represent one of them. It will be up to you to gather information about the other party.

You will get the information you need from libraries, word of mouth, documents or Internet. You may also compose letters and other correspondence; draft briefs, arguments and opinions; interview live witnesses and clients; provide legal advice to clients; appear in court on behalf of clients as part of a legal team.

Duties of a Legal Research Assistant

  • Keeps cases organized by establishing and organizing files; monitoring calendars; meeting deadlines; documenting actions; inputting information into file database and case management software
  • Helps develop cases by maintaining contact with people involved in the case; scheduling consultations
  • Keeps clients informed by maintaining contact; communicating case progress
  • Researches new laws, regulations, and processing system changes

Legal Research Assistant Skills

  • Reporting Skills
  • Research Skills
  • Legal Administration Skills
  • Litigation
  • Client Relationships
  • Organization, Planning
  • Attention to Detail
  • Confidentiality
  • Dependability
  • Client Confidentiality

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