Jaywalking Police Arrests

Jaywalking Arrests - Enforcing the Law or Police Brutality?

Jaywalker is a pedestrian who crosses a street without heeding traffic regulations. Sometimes this offense results with police arrest. 
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Jaywalking Legal Definition: Violation of traffic regulations, particularly when crossing a street or road other than at an intersection, or failure to used designated pedestrian crosswalks or to obey pedestrian traffic signals.

People jaywalk for various reasons, including convenience, impracticality of following the law, and sometimes even personal safety, generally to cross the street. Going to a crosswalk can require a long detour. Pedestrians are often forced to walk outside crosswalks, when they are blocked by cars due to traffic congestion or drivers stopping too far forward. Also, pedestrians are generally unwilling to observe lengthy wait times at signals. They are also more likely to make "informal crossings" at wide roads, or at locations where formal crosswalks are simply too distant to be practical for them to use. Also, pedestrians may dislike using intersections for other reasons. This sometimes results with accident or car crash.

When used in the technical sense, jaywalking specifically refers to violation of pedestrian traffic regulations and laws and is therefore illegal. In many countries, such regulations do not exist and jaywalking is an unknown concept.

People often don't take seriously jaywalking regulations and they resist police arrests. Watch bellow jaywalking police arrests from USA a. In the video a kid is arrested. Is this kind of force necessary or not - You be the judge.

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