Top 8 Serial Killers And Notorious Murders

8 Worst Murderers Of All Time

Many of the most horrifying and evil acts of violence are committed by serial killers. Always looking for next victim, these murderers kill again and again, never fully satisfied by their bloody murders. Their twisted motivations and even more twisted techniques are infamous. Below is list of serial killers who killed most people in history.
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List of 8 notorious serial killers who killed most people in history:

1. Luis Garavito

Luis Garavito,killer, murderer

Luis Alfredo Garavito Cubillos, aka “The Beast” or “Tribilin” (Latin American Spanish translation of the Disney “Goofy”) is Colombia’s rapist and serial murderer. Garavito is thought to be the worst serial killer in the world, as in a relatively short period of time between 1992 and 1998, he took the lives of 172 children, with the youngest being just 6 years old.

Garavito would find his victims – mostly street kids or peasant children – and make friends with them by giving them a small amount of cash or small gifts. He would take his new made friends for a walk away from prying eyes and brutally rape them before cutting their throats, torturing and dismembering them.

Garavito was captured on 22 April 1999. He confessed to murdering 140 children, and was charged with killing 172 altogether throughout Colombia. He was found guilty on 139 of the 172 counts; the others are ongoing. Although the maximum sentence for murder in Colombia multiplied by 139 comes to 1,853 years and 9 days, Colombian law limits imprisonment to 30 years. Because he helped police find some bodies, as well as to his confessions, his sentence was further reduced to 22 years. He may possibly qualify for even earlier release for further cooperation and good behavior.

2. Pedro López

Pedro Alonso López is a Colombian serial killer, accused of raping and killing more than 300 girls across his native country, then Peru and Ecuador, and possibly other countries. Aside from uncited local accounts, López’s crimes first received international attention from an interview conducted by Ron Laytner, a long time freelance photojournalist who reported interviewing López in his Ambato prison cell in 1980. 

López became known as the "Monster of the Andes" in 1980 when he led police to the graves of 53 of his victims in Ecuador, all girls between nine and twelve years old. In 1983 he was found guilty of murdering 110 young girls in Ecuador alone and confessed to a further 240 murders of missing girls in neighbouring Peru and Colombia.

He was sentenced for 16 years (Ecuador); freed after 14 years; committed to hospital (Colombia); freed after 3 years. In 1998, he was declared sane and released on $50 bail. Interpol released an advisory for his rearrest by Colombian authorities over a fresh murder in 2002.

3. Daniel Camargo Barbosa

Daniel Camargo Barbosa (pictured), aka the Chanquito Sadist, aka Beast of the Mangroves, a serial killer from Colombia, South America, got his start with his true love, Esperanza, who, though flawed in his eyes for not being a virgin, was acceptable to him as long as she lured and drugged young virgins for him to rape. She was his willing accomplice in five such rapes, until one victim went to the police. They were both imprisoned, Camargo for 8 years, which apparently he felt was unfair, in fact, he was so resentful that, after his incarceration, he made sure that none of his victims would survive to inform on him. He committed his first known murder in 1974, and was quickly caught when he returned to the scene of the crime. 

He was sentenced to 25 years in prison, but escaped in 1984 to Ecuador where he lived in the street and began raping and killing young girls in earnest, racking up at least 54 victims in two years, so many that police thought it had to be the work of a gang, not suspecting a serial killer.  He was arrested for the murder of Elizabeth Telpes, 9, and confessed to having killed 71 girls, though he is thought to have killed as many as 150. Camargo lured his young victims with pens, some with candy, others with requests for help delivering an important package to a pastor. They were brutally raped and hacked to death with a machete. Camargo was convicted in Ecuador and given the maximum sentence: a whopping 16 years. On November 13, 1994, Camargo was murdered by another inmate, Luis Masache Narvaez, the cousin of one of Camargo's many young victims. After killing Camargo, Masache reportedly cut off the serial killer's ear as a trophy.

4. Pedro Rodrigues Filho

Pedro Rodrigues Filho is a Brazilian serial killer. Nicknamed Pedrinho Matador (Killer Petey) and arrested in 1973, in 2003 he was convicted of murdering at least 71 people and sentenced to 128 years in prison. The maximum prison term that can be served in Brazil is 30 years.  His first murder was at the young age of 14. One of his victims was his father and he ate a piece of his heart. 

5. Kampatimar Shankariya

Kampatimar Shankariya was an Indian serial killer who was executed for the murders of at least 70 people with a hammer. He was convicted and sentenced to death in early 1979. He claimed that killing provided him with pleasure. His final words before being hanged at the gallows were "I have murdered in vain," he said. "Nobody should become like me."

6. Yang Xinhai

Yang Xinhai also known as Yang Zhiya, and Yang Liu, was a Chinese serial killer who confessed to committing 65 murders and 23 rapes between 1999 and 2003, and was sentenced to death and executed for 67. He was dubbed the "Monster Killer" by the media. He is the most prolific known serial killer China has seen.

7. Abul Djabar 

Abul Djabar (died October 21, 1970) was an Afghan serial killer who had killed at least 65 people. He was suspected of murdering over 300[1] men and boys. He would strangle his victims with a turban while raping them. Djabar was arrested by police while trying to kill another victim. He was sentenced to death and hanged on October 21, 1970. Two innocent people had previously been executed for the murders.

8. Andrei Chikatilo

Andrei Chikatilo was born on October 16, 1936, in the Ukraine state of the USSR. Chikatilo had a difficult childhood and the only sexual experience as an adolescent ended quickly and led to much ridicule, leading to later sexually violent acts. When the police caught him, he confessed to the gruesome murder of 56 and was found guilty in 1990 and executed in 1994.

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