How To Prepare To Go To Prison

Things To Do Before You Go To Jail

Serving time in prison is not a pleasant experience. Preparing yourself for your new life and wrapping up your old life might allow you to better adjust to prison. It is virtually impossible to prepare yourself for prison, but clearing up unfinished business on the outside might help you ease into the transition of prison life.
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You have found yourself in legal trouble and have to go to jail. This is a very uncertain and troubling time for you; you may not be able to think very clearly at first and may almost be in a panic. You need to take a moment to breathe and figure out your priorities before you have to leave things behind that you take for granted every day. There are certain things that you absolutely must do before you begin serving time in jail.

Take care of your children. Arrange to have your children taken care of at all times. You need to be absolutely certain that your children are well cared for during your time away from them. You may need to legally give custody of your children to someone while you are away from them. Now is the time to put your children's needs first. Try to keep your children together and put them in the care of someone who is caring, responsible, and will make sure your children are loved and supported.

Don't forget your pets. Arrange to have your pets taken care of at all times. Your pet cannot be left behind to fend for itself. It needs to be taken care of, just as you have always taken care of it. You need to find someone who will foster your pet until you are able to come home again. This may be very difficult for you, but if you cannot find someone who can take care of your pet while you are gone, you may need to consider putting your pet up for adoption.

Find the best legal help. Be absolutely certain that you have the best lawyer available to you. Before you enter jail, especially if you are not quite sure that you have the best attorney representing you, you need to make sure you have the best lawyer. You will not have all the resources to find a reliable and suitable attorney while you are incarcerated. Find one now while you still can before you lose your regular privileges.

Leave your property care to the trustworthy person. Make sure someone will look after your home. If you live alone and know that your home may be subject to vandals who will note that you are gone from your home while in jail, you need someone to look after your home or even stay in it while you are gone. Someone will still need to take care of the property, so make sure your home is in good hands while you are away.

Take care of your "outside" finances. Ask someone to take care of your finances while you are gone. You may still have bills to pay. Be sure you know someone trustworthy and responsible who can take care of those bills for you so you do not fall behind. If you do not know someone who can do those things for you, your lawyer may have more information about someone who can help.

Keep your things safe. Make sure you have a place to put your things if you must move them out of your home. If you are paying rent and can no longer afford to rent your apartment while in jail, you must find a place to keep your things. If no one you know has room to keep your things, you must arrange to keep your things kept in storage. Make sure that your storage bill is paid on time every month or in advance to ensure that your things will not be lost.

Find someone to send you money in jail. Make sure someone on the outside will arrange for you to have money in your account in jail. You will likely need to buy some things while you are in jail. You will have an account that will allow you to have so much money while in jail, but if you do not have the means to replenish this account, someone may need to loan or give you the money. Ask family members and friends if they are willing to contribute money to you while in jail.

Bring something to remind you that there is life beyond jail. Gather a few personal photos of your friends and family. Prisons typically allow you to keep photograpsh if they don't contain nudity or depict illegal behavior. Have them on your person on the day you turn yourself in, or mail them to yourself.

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