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12 Funny Legal Memes

An Internet meme is a cultural phenomenon that spreads from one person to another online. A meme spread online could be just about anything that is voluntarily shared, including phrases, images, rumors and audio or video files. An Internet meme might originate and stay online. However, frequently memes cross over and may spread from the offline world to online or vice-versa.

Trust Me, I'm a "Lawyer", lawyer,meme
Trust Me, I'm a "Lawyer" - one of most famous lawyer memes.

Keep Calm, Lawyer Up, lawyer,meme
Keep Calm and Lawyer Up.

Lawyers, do it legally, meme
Lawyers do it legally.

Being a lawyer is not so good idea for the kids. :)

lawyer,meme, humor, funny
Lots of lawyers are working on other jobs. :(

Law,school,meme,humor, funny, legal
Law school is hard but being lawyer is not always so great. 

Law,school,meme,humor, funny, legal,star wars, quote
"It's a trap" - famous quote from the movie Star Wars sometimes can apply for a Law School. :)

Law,school,meme,humor, funny, legal
Finally when you get a Law degree...

Law,school,meme,humor, funny, legal, bar exam's time to start studying for the Bar.

Law,school,meme,humor, funny, legal, bar exam, grumpy cat
Grumpy Cat and Bar exam.

Law,school,meme,humor, funny, legal, bar exam
Passing the Bar is hard. :)

Law,school,meme,humor, funny, legal, lawyer
Lawyer dilemmas.

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