Weird And Unusual Laws

There are some weird and unusual laws, usually from an earlier day and age, that remain on the books at the country or local levels. 
Weird,Unusual Laws,nonsence laws

List of 15 weird and unusual laws:

1. Italy It’s an offense in Florence to eat or drink while sitting on church steps or within a church courtyard.

2. Marijuana is outlawed in Jamaica. Since 1913, Jamaican law has stated that the cultivation, use or possession of marijuana is illegal. People caught with even a small amount of the plant can face a lengthy prison sentence.

3. Singapore No hugging without permission. Connecting on unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots means hacking. Chewing gum is illegal.

4. Barcelona In this Spanish city, it’s against the law to wear swimming attire on public streets.

5. In Bahrain, male doctors only legally examine a woman’s genitals through a mirror.

6. In England, it is an act of treason to place a postage stamp bearing the Queen upside down. 

7. In France, it’s illegal to name a pig Napoleon.

8. In Tibet, monks wishing to reincarnate must first register with a government agency.

9. In Israel, you could be prosecuted for picking your nose on Sunday. 

10. In Turkey, it is illegal for a man above 80 yrs to become a pilot.

United States

11. Kentucky A female shall not appear in a bathing suit on any highway within this state. section 1376m-1, 1376m-2 Repealed: January 1, 1975 

12. Maryland In Baltimore, It is illegal to take a lion to the movies.

13. New York   It is against the law to throw a ball at someone's head for fun.

14. It is against the law in Connecticut for a man to write love letters to a girl whose mother or father has forbidden the relationship.

15. Ohio  In Oxford, It is unlawful for a woman to appear in public while unshaven. This includes legs and face.

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