Steps To Becoming A Lawyer In US

It's not easy to become a top lawyer in a country like U.S. You have to start early. As early as school. To be able to discuss and argue your points convincingly, you should be able to put forward your ideas clearly. Try to take part in debates and declamations. Develop good reading habits, read far and wide and be in touch with the happenings around the world. Along with all this, you have to study very very hard. Good colleges are very choosy when it comes to accepting students for undergraduate programs. 
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In the US, law school is a post-graduate course only. You can't do law for your bachelors degree. Instead, you'd get a bachelors (in any subject) first, then apply to law school. 

5 Steps To Becoming A Lawyer In USA

1. Get a bachelor's degree

The possession of a Bachelor’s Degree is one of the prerequisites for applying to law school. Majoring in fields such as political science and international relations will help lay foundations that will be of benefit later in your career.

2. Take the Law School Admission Test. 

The LSAT is a nearly three-hour series of tests that features a mix of multiple choice and essay answers. It's important to prepare for the LSAT. Study sessions and prepared courses are fine. But nothing is more helpful than taking practice tests using real LSAT questions. 

3. Choose a law school

When researching law schools, you may want to ask if they offer specialization in international law, what kind of resources they offer to students to assist them with their studies, if clinical programs are available and if the institution holds accreditation from a recognized bar association.

4. Get your juris doctor degree

Don't just graduate from law school. The best jobs generally go to the top graduates. Graduates who are in the top third of their class are usually much more successful finding jobs than those with lower grades. It's always smart to get a part-time job at a law firm or with a judge, particularly if your grades start off strong and then tail off. The job experience is great on the resume and could lead to full-time employment or a strong referral.
5. Pass bar examination
A bar examination is a test intended to determine whether a candidate is qualified to practice law in a given jurisdiction. This test lasts most of two days. Many people who didn't pass the exam the first time went on to a successful legal career, but that's a recipe for disaster. Remember that you must also pass the multi-state ethics exam as well.

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