Good Reasons to Become a Lawyer

Should You Really Be a Lawyer? Here are Some Good Reasons to Become a Lawyer
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Lawyers make as much as a teacher or a millionair depends on how good you are. Its not for everyone and not all lawyers make a lot of money. Just as with any profession work ethic and capacity determine how much you make.


For generations, a career as a lawyer has been a hallmark of prestige. Impressive degrees, generous salaries, and an authority over others have placed lawyers in an elite circle of professionals who command respect and embody the definition of success. Today, lawyers still enjoy a unique professional status and a glamorous image perpetuated by the media.

Job fulfillment

Lawyers actually have the opportunity to make a difference in both the lives of their clients and the lives of people everywhere, as a single case can set precedence for thousands of cases to come. In this job, your hard work is rewarded not just in money, but also in a feeling of fulfillment with your career.

  • Interesting Career Path
    Looking for a job which constantly keeps you on your toes? A job which keeps you interested and to get passionate about? A job which gives you responsibility? Then law is the choice for you. 
    No matter what you choose to specialise in, from maritime law to medical law, no two cases are going to be exactly the same. Your choices will affect a number of things, from laws to people’s individual lives; you are given great responsibility.

    Advancement Options

    As a lawyer, you'll constantly be learning, even if you don't go back to school for official advanced training. Through working on cases, you'll research past cases, learn about obscure laws and get to know the intricacies of you specialization.Once you have a degree and license to practice law, you can pursue advanced career options as well. Lawyers with experience in their field can work their way up in the ranks at a private practice, becoming a partner in the business. You can also become a judge or educator in your field.

    Ability to own your own firm

    Once you have successfully graduated with a degree in law, you are awarded a legal license that bestows you with the opportunity to set up your own law firm. With a law firm, you can be able to increase your earnings with a great margin and also be able to build a good personal reputation. With an individual law firm, you get a chance to be your own boss and you can therefore be able to run your firm according to your wishes.

    It Will Allow You to Make a Difference
    Lawyers are sometimes also referred to as ‘social engineers’. As you would know, our society, the way we live, and what we do everyday, are all loosely bound by a mesh of rules that we call ‘laws’. It is the job of lawyers to understand these rules, and to help people live their lives most meaningfully. Many lawyers help people in distress, advocating areas that they are concerned about, such as child rights, women’s issues, or the protection of refugees. If you really want to make a difference to people’s lives, if you’re actually concerned about something, and if you actually want to go out there and get something done right, this is the way to go for you!!!

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